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Stonebrook Road, Cambridge

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How does a contractor accommodate homeowners with sophisticated tastes who want to choose between two dreams for their landscape project? Such was the case at this Stonebrook Road residence. They had their hearts set on a swimming pool, but didn’t want to compromise their vision of an architectural water feature to go along with their multi-room outdoor living space. Dare they do both?  Well, why not?


This urban property possessed many beautiful mature trees and was loaded with potential. Contemporary Woodland is the best way to describe the bold design the homeowners chose for their backyard.

Pools don’t have to look mundane or out of place. Integrating the pool with the landscape should be planned right from the beginning. Proper designing can harmonize the pool with the rest of the geometry by selecting complementary materials and migrating planting themes across boundaries. In this project, the water feature was incorporated into the swimming pool, permitting us to tie into the pool’s plumbing. This not only cuts down on operating costs but it also simplifies fall shutdown and spring start-up.

To get the most of this new back yard, low voltage up-lighting was installed to extend the hours of enjoyment. As it reflects off the existing tree canopy and the custom fabricated aluminum weirs, it creates an inviting atmosphere well into the evening.

Because we were given the project management of this job, we could make sure everything came together well the first time around (no need to redo anything due to miscommunication). This also allowed us to keep the client informed through all the phases of the construction as well as complete the project on time.

Sam, Project Foreman, recalls some of the challenges the team faced while executing this project and battling Spring of ’11 (the wettest spring in decades):
“Yes, we had a few challenges on our hands to get things accomplished. We didn’t have much room to work with to make a 400 ft access path into the back yard. The water table was only 6” below the property grade, so a sump pump needed to be running in the excavated areas at all times. The wettest spring I’ve ever worked in also caused bog-like conditions, resulting in some of our machinery getting stuck up to their axles. But we got through it all and now we can see the rewards of hard work & perseverance”.


“Although we had some ideas of what we wanted to do in our back yard, we were pleasantly surprised with the plans drawn up by Earthscape. It was obvious that Mark and his staff understood exactly what we were hoping to accomplish. Their design achieved all our goals and then some. Sam did an amazing job keeping the project on schedule and ensuring we had input at each stage. We were very pleased and impressed with the attention to detail considering the scale and scope of the project. The overall final result of the entire backyard is spectacular and has exceeded all our expectations. We look forward to the maturing of the various plantings over the next few years to give the area its ultimate look.”
- Alan and Christine

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