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Cambridge Water Feature

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The soothing effect that the sound of water on the human spirit is a compelling drawing feature for any outdoor space.  It brings in a sense of serenity.

Glen & Nadine were homeowners who wanted to use water in their new landscape but envisioned something intricate and exciting.  They evaluated six landscape firms before they found someone who understood their vision.  Their goal was to transplant a contemporary Florida landscape into their Ontario backyard.  This kind of scene was to be a contemporary/tropical theme with tiered outdoor living spaces linked together with a contemporary rill.

Client-contractor collaboration was vital for a job of this complexity. The designers began creating a plan early spring to produce a one-of-a-kind oasis. The minimalist theme with simple, clean lines belies the complexity behind the scenes. Mock-ups, made with cardboard and wood helped to ensure proportions and spacing worked from different perspectives.  Glen even joined us in visiting many locations to find the right charcoal hue for the tinted concrete.  Nadine visited suppliers to qualify their products, and checked materials and finishes at reference sites during late night internet marathons.

Upon implementing the design this summer, we were faced with a number of challenges, but it all came together beautifully. The hydraulic design for a bank of foam jets, cascading spill ways, and a water wall, called for some serious science. The result of great teamwork produced a multi-faceted patio where turquoise-tinted water runs over a stainless steel waterwall and into a charcoal coloured concrete rill adjoining the dining & lounging areas. Frosted privacy glass panels, a cedar pergola, and abundant plantings enhance the atmosphere even further.  All of this overlooks a naturalized lower-level with drystone wall enclosed reading nook to one side and a rustic fire pit on the other side.

Glen & Nadine are now able to enjoy a taste of Florida any time they want by just stepping out their back door.


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